Our Charity Mission

Jo Malone London is committed to supporting and promoting mental health initiatives.
Raising awareness, providing support and stamping out stigmas, one step at a time.

We have long drawn inspiration from the natural world and its profoundly calming effects; the very existence of flowers and plants remind us that while life can be demanding and hard at times, it can also be incredibly beautiful. In some ways, plants and people aren’t all that dissimilar; just as you can’t see a plant’s tangle of roots buried in the soil, not all of a person’s wounds or feelings are visible on the surface. One in four people will be affected by mental health problems in their lifetime, yet it is still an underfunded and often unacknowledged illness.* We want to break that taboo.

Our mission has always been to inspire, connect and uplift people through fragrance. And so, for more than a decade, our work with mental health charities has been a natural evolution of this mission. To nurture the most vulnerable members of the community. To help people talk about their feelings. To create gardens where people can discover the calming effects of nature.

To date Jo Malone London has donated more than $3.5 million to mental health charities, helping to raise awareness and stamp out stigmas.

Providing support. Empowering people to recover, reconnect and grow.

*Source: World Health Organization

Supporting Mental Health Since 2012

We are as dedicated as ever to our charity mission and so, in 2022, we launched the Shining A Light On Mental Health Foundation, supported by Jo Malone London. The foundation supports individuals and families affected by mental health problems through dedicated projects with inspirational charities.

We are also furthering our commitment to mental health by donating $2 million globally between Monday 10 October 2022 and Monday 9 October 2023. This includes a $1 million donation to our new global charity partner, UNICEF, and a further $1 million donation divided across local charities through our Charity Candle collection.

Our Global Brand Ambassador

Meet Adwoa Aboah. As the founder of non-profit organisation Gurls Talk, she truly embodies our brand values of kindness, optimism and courage through her organisation dedicated to the mental health and well-being of women and young girls globally.

Working to destigmatise mental health conversations and foster a supportive community, Gurls Talk provides safe spaces both on and offline for young women to openly share, listen and support each other without judgment or shame. Through weekly podcasts, live events and an online community, the non-profit has reached millions globally.


Love Letters From Britain

Love Letters From Britain uncovers the stories behind luxury brands making a positive difference. A film produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions exploring how we at Jo Malone London are shining a light on mental health, supporting those living with mental health problems and empowering people to recover, reconnect and grow. We are proud to have supported Thrive for nearly a decade, alongside other inspirational charities and their dedicated projects to raise awareness and provide support.

Thrive’s mission is to harness the power of gardening to transform lives. We have partnered with Thrive to reimagine The Old English Garden in London’s Battersea Park. The film shows how this once-neglected gem has been transformed into a blooming hub for the community, cared for by trainee gardeners who live with the challenges of mental health.

Our Global Charity Partners

We currently support 11 charities in the UK, our home country. Since 2021 we have been adding charity partners around the world. We support projects focusing on awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health. Our focus begins with mental health charities and projects linked to gardens and safe outside spaces. The relationship between gardens and mental health is the foundation for our Social Impact programme. The outside spaces we support are always accessible to the public, whilst the maintenance and care of the garden forms part of horticultural therapy programmes for client gardeners. Subsequent charity partners and projects may not have a garden link but are always rooted in mental health.

Our awareness charities (such as Anna Freud Centre in the UK) help to reduce stigma surrounding mental health, increase awareness of early signs and encourage people to speak openly about their mental health and seek help.

Charities in the prevention area work with at-risk groups and children (75% of mental ill health begins by the age of 18). Examples includes the NSPCC in UK and Mirai no Morai in Japan. For providing treatment, we work with charities and projects that provide routine, a sense of belonging and achievement for those living will mental ill health. Examples include Thrive in the UK and Fountain House in North America.

Although much of our commitment is financial we also offer resources to our chosen charities. Our staff volunteer across many of the programs and give generously through sponsored events and charity sales. We feel privileged to provide advice and consultancy to all of our partners, ensuring that they are given support across communications, event planning and increasing the awareness around their initiatives.

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Our People & Our Workplace

Nurturing talent and supporting the wellbeing of our teams is important. We strive to create a welcoming workplace that embraces inclusivity.

Our Sustainable Practise

The natural world will forever be our muse and we hope to play a part in protecting it as we work towards a more sustainable future.