Past Events

Join us for an inspiring talk, creative masterclass or guide to gifting. Discover the dates for your diary and videos of past events.

Live Shopping Event

Jo Malone London Live: Scent Pairing, The How To Guide

Recorded 6pm BST, Thursday 20th May 2021

Join our live shopping event with Global Head of Fragrance, Celine Roux, and beauty journalist, Funmi Fetto. Discover how to pair scents to create a personalised scent for you and your home. Learn how to experiment to find new combinations dependent on mood and tips for application along with the chance to ask your own scented questions.


Jo Malone London Live: Our Charity Mission

Recorded at 1pm BST, Tuesday 11th May 2021


Learn about our charity mission and commitment to shining a light on mental health, as we stamp out stigmas, one step (and candle) at a time.


Jo Malone London Live: Gift Giving

Recorded at 12pm BST, Wednesday 5th May 2021


Join Emma South and friend of the brand Sebina Hussain as we celebrate Eid with exquisite gifts. Discover the most coveted presents for her, him and the home.


Jo Malone London Live: Scent Pairing

Recorded at 4pm BST, Wednesday 28th April 2021


Explore the world of Scent Pairing with our resident Fragrance & Lifestyle Expert Emma South. Discover how to layer fragrance to make a personalised scent that’s you with a twist.


Jo Malone London: Spring Time Virtual Event

Hosted on 12:00pm BST, Tuesday 20th April 2021


Join Fragrance & Lifestyle Expert Emma South as we step into spring to discover fragrant favourites for the season.

In Conversation With Homeware Designer, Eva Sonaike

Discover ways to bring colour and scent into your home as Eva reveals her tips for styling your home for spring, as well as how to add seasonal touches to your table settings.

Ask Celine Roux

Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance, is joined by Charlotte Rey, Interior Designer and founding partner of Campbell Rey. Open the door to a house alive with scented scenes as our panel of experts discuss home scenting.

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